Make it truly yours

Wedding Album Collection Creative lets you be an artist.

It’s always exciting to stand before a white canvas, at the very start of the ‘story’ and pick the way it’s going to go.
Wedding Album Collection Creative lets you be an artist.

Wedding Album


30×20 cm / 12×8″

35×25 cm / 14×10″

40×30 cm / 16×12″

45×35 cm / 18×14″

20×30 cm / 8×12″

25×35 cm / 10×14″

30×40 cm / 12×16″

35×45 cm / 14×18″

40×50 cm / 16×20″

20×20 cm / 8×8″

25×25 cm / 10×10″

30×30 cm / 12×12″

35×35 cm / 14×14″

40×40 cm / 16×16″

We can clone your main book into smaller copies, ideal for parents and friends:
10×13 cm (4×5”), 15×20 cm (6×8”), 20×30 cm (8×12”) vertical or landscape,
or 10×10 cm, 15×15 cm, 20×20 cm square.

Or even smaller soft cover copies with stitch binding: 
6×10 cm (2.5×4”), 10×13 cm (4×5”) vertical or landscape, 
or 6×6 cm (2.5×2,5”), 10×10 cm (4×4”) square.

Paper options depend on the size of your album. Beside classic papers (lustre, glossy and matte), Fine Art Paper, Metallic Paper, Pearl Paper, Tintoretto Paper and Textured Paper are available.


Classic Leather

Italian half grain bovine leather featuring a durable matte finish offered in a large selection of colour tones that age beautifully. This material is the perfect choice for all those applications that require versatility and natural quality.

Sequoia Leather

Extremely high quality, and beautiful, aniline treated Italian nubuck cow leather that has a distinct vintage effect obtained through a special hand-finishing process. Its softness and warm tones is the highest expression of classic vintage elegance.



Metal covers are a 3 mm (1/8 inch) thick aluminium plate that is enriched with gold or silver tones in a satin or polished finish. Edges are carefully rounded with precision milling.

Images and text are permanently transferred through sublimation onto the metal surface. The base colour of the metal emerges in the lighter parts of the image while the darker portions coat it.

Painted Metal

The 3 mm (1/8 inch) thick, solid aluminium plate is varnished using a process derived from the car industry. High quality standards ensure a perfectly smooth surface available in 20 colours and 4 finishes: varnished, metallized, pastel and touch.

We can customise the covers with laser engraving, which reveals the aluminium underneath. Overprinting option allows to do anything from a simple text to an elaborate design.



Handcrafted natural oak wood compliments your book with its strength and solidity.


100% natural, impermeable and non-deformable, Cork features extreme lightness and softness that ensure excellent ductility. It is offered in its natural colour with a matte finish that enhances its texture and heightens the distinctive warm and artisanal elements of this material.

Wood Fibre

This extremely mouldable material, obtained from a mixture of cellulose and wood pulp, perfectly combines the natural look with durability and the lightweight offered by synthetic materials.



Natural, 70% linen and 30% cotton fabric with a compact texture. Selected after careful researches, it offers high resistance to wear combined with perfect adherence even on the round lines of the covers. Available in a wide colour palette of warm and natural tones.


Woven weave fabric In natural fibre 80% cotton and 20% linen, extremely resistant to wear and tear while pleasantly smooth to the touch. The contemporary style is further enhanced by the wide range of shades ranging from warm and natural tones to full and rich colours made deep by tenuous melange effects.


Innovative, 100% eco-friendly, woven textured fabric is completely anallergic and non-toxic and combines artisanal aesthetic trends with the most advanced yarns.


Extraordinarily soft microfibre material, produced with advanced textile techniques, gives it the distinct texture and enhanced colours. The polyester spun material is resistant to wear, very easy to clean and is water repellent.



The new generation of Leatherette chosen by Graphistudio is light and versatile featuring a smooth surface that is very easy to clean.

Eco Leather

Fabric made from high resistance, innovative, eco-friendly materials ensures deep lasting colours. Advanced coating techniques offer exceptional firmness and a lycra-like satin surface appreciated by architects and designers.



Small images squeezed on the page won’t have the same effect as a full page high quality image.

You will get stunning results if you order your Album with only the photos from your special photo session, or a selection of the very best photos from the full collection of photos you got from your photographer.

For the rest of your photos
Full Day Book
Simple book with printed hardcover.
20x30 cm - Landscape or Portrait format.
Fixed layout.
Up to 160 pages to fit in the full event.
Self-mount Wedding Album
Self-Mount Photo Album
Linen cover with printed names.
Each page is separated by a soft leaf of tissue paper.
30cm x 30cm,
60 or 100 pages
USB in Case
USB stick fitted into the handmade hard case.
16 GB (3.0)
32 GB (3.0)
64 GB (3.0)



i)  Quick Pick – pre-set option. Click & buy
ii) Custom Order

– You will get details about how to send photographs.
– When the layout is ready, you will get a password protected link to preview with an option to mark corrections if needed.
– When you confirm that you are happy with everything – we will send your Album to print.
– Make space on your coffee table while you wait for the postman.


Matted Album
Painted metal cover
with varnished pattern
Back cover and spine are
covered with fine Italian leather.
40x30 cm / 16x12"
30 pages.

Glossy or lustre photo paper
Every image is encased in the mat.
An Album in a stylish
presentation box.

Free Shipping.
Night Sky
The night sky
of your special day
25x25 cm / 12x12".
30 pages.

Semi matte finish photo paper.
A presentation box
with a clear lid.

Free Shipping.

Maple B&W
Maple finish.
30x20 cm / 12x8".
30 pages.

Semi matte finish photo paper.
A maple finish presentation box.

Free Shipping.

Gift Card
A printed Gift Card in a pearlescent sheen pocket.

Custom order request

Do not close the form before it’s sent –
if you do you need to start again.

White Lady
Custom order request

Do not close the form before it’s sent –
if you do you need to start again.

Album bundles

We can bundle albums that have identical layouts and covers.
Final price depends on the number of pages.

3 max

3 identical 30×30 cm / 12×12” Albums.

Three identical Albums for the price of two.

1+2 Large

One 45×30 cm / 18×12” Album 
and two 30×20 cm / 12×8” Albums.

One of the smaller albums is free.

1+2 Medium

One 30×30 cm / 12×12” Album
and two 25×25 cm / 10×10” Albums.

One of the smaller albums is free.

1+2 Small

One 30×30 cm / 12×12” Album
and two 20×20 cm / 8×8” Albums.

One of the smaller albums is free.

Album or book


Albums are thick, rigid, durable, flush mount heirlooms that showcase quality and elegance.

Albums have a special binding that allows them to lie flat when opened, making them a perfect solution for stunning double-page spreads of panoramic images.

From 10 up to 40 spreads (20-80 pages).

Flat book

A book that opens almost flat! The pages are lighter and flexible but the special book binding nearly replicates the lie-flat properties of an album.

If thick, rigid pages are not your cup of tea — a Flat Book is another choice for full spread panoramic pictures — although it doesn’t lie as flat as an Album, it can hold more pictures.

From 30 up to 120 pages.


As well as common sizes, this product allows you to go really big – Book “Grand Gallery” is available in size 70×50 cm (28×20ʺ). This will take your photographs to a whole new level. WOW effect is guaranteed!

Books do not have lie-flat binding, so double-page spread images are not recommended.

From 30 up to 120 pages.
“Grand Gallery” from 60 up to 120 pages.